Throwback Thursday-- Web Tool Wednesday: Newsela

Throwback Thursday– Web Tool Wednesday: Newsela

Throwback Thursday– Web Tool Wednesday: Newsela

Are you using Newslea? It is a great tool to find articles based on reading level, topic, reading skill, and more. They have updated their site, and it is amazing. Check it out here.


Have you tried Newsela? Try the free educator account today. Newsela provides educators with over a 1,000 non-fiction literacy and current event articles for students at different reading levels. Teachers can assign articles for students to read and take a quiz over. There is also a writing topic for teachers to assign with the article. There are articles for every subject- math, science, language, history, and art. Plus, if you have ELL students with a Spanish background, the articles have the option of being in “spanish” text.

I signed up with my Google account, and then I was even able to connect my students in Google Classroom with Newsela. You can assign your students in Google Classroom a certain article you want them to read. Then have the students complete the quiz and writing assignment. Students login into Newsela with their School Gmail Account to see assignments in “Binder” that have been assigned to them.

What are you waiting for?

Try Newsela today! Let us know how you are using it in your classroom.

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