YouTube Brings in New Feature to See the Time You Spend on Watching Videos

YouTube Brings in New Feature to See the Time You Spend on Watching Videos

After beginning its wellbeing initiative Google has now turned its attention towards YouTube and added a new feature to the video site. Have you ever thought of how much time you spent on watching videos? Well now you can.

Now from your YouTube account menu, you can know exactly how much time you have spent on watching videos. Plus you can also manage your usage as well. In fact, not just today or yesterday, but you can see the stats of the past seven days. You also get a daily average usage count. Yes, for now, the stats are only for video watching and YouTube TV and YouTube Music are not in the list.

For those who want to manage their video watching habits also get useful tools in their profile section. Like, set-up your devotional time for a particular YouTube session or set an interval time so you can get some refreshments or do a chore. You can also disable “Autoplay” so the next video plays only if you want.

The notifications are also manageable to daily fix time so you don’t have to hear the notification beep all day or in between your favorite video. The time to receive a digest can also be set and if you want you can turn off sound and vibration between 10 pm to 8 am so your beauty sleep does not get disturbed.

The well-being profile of YouTube is out and most users have already received the update. In case, you’re the lucky one, just go to your avtar and click on “Time Watched”.

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