Xiaomi Poco F1 Gets Widevine L1 Support to Enable Video Streaming in HD

Xiaomi Poco F1 Gets Widevine L1 Support to Enable Video Streaming in HD

Finally, the acclaimed budget flagship killer Poco F1 Gets Widevine L1 Support officially from Xiaomi. In a more simpler sense, Pocophone users can now stream HD contents on their devices from Amazon, Hotstar and similar such video streaming Apps. Earlier the Widevine was set to Level 3 or L3 which now steps up to Level 1/L1. After its release, Pocophone users reported that they can only stream video content from Amazon, Netflix in 540 pixels. Streaming on higher resolutions like 720 or 1080, and 4K is not possible. The only reason for this is Widevine DRM Level 3 which allows no HD content streaming.

Pocophone F1 literally topped the hype chart before its release. With claims of a flagship killer, it pretty much gave a tough market time to OnePlus. However, HD streaming unavailability was a negative point of the device. Xiaomi did promise that it will make the L1 update available for the Poco F1. Finally with the latest MIUI 10 9.2.25 software rollout Poco F1 Gets Widevine L1 Support. Of course, this update is available over-the-air.

Talking about the rivalry with OnePlus the devices like OnePlus 5 and 5T also had the same issue as Poco F1. The devices used to ship with Widevine L3. The users literally had to send their handsets physically to OnePlus which was branded with Widevine L1. The devices went physically because back then it was assumed that the stepping up of Widevine Level requires a secret key which is unique for each device. The Widevine update can only be done by the officials in the company’s factory. OnePlus 5 and 5T followed that path. Also, we would like to add that the latest flagships OnePlus 6 and 6T comes with Widevine L1 support out-of-the-box.

Now for Xiaomi Poco F1, users thought they had to manually send the devices. Hopefully, the update is now available through over-the-air software ie MIUI 10 9.2.25. Though the Poco F1 stepped up Widevine to L1, there are still some setbacks. There are reports mentioning that the Poco F1 after upgrading to Widevine L1, only supports video contents from Hotstar and Amazon in HD. However, Netflix is yet to support HD streaming even after Poco F1 gets Widevine L1 support. Anyways, something is better than nothing.

So, naturally, this is a piece of good news for the Poco F1 users. A majority of Asian smartphone enthusiasts, mostly seek for budget devices. Poco F1 is the exact machine, budget-friendly yet powerful with all the latest hardware wizardry. So, make sure to update your phone software to MIUI 10 9.2.25. It will update your Poco F1 to Widevine L1. Enjoy HD video streaming on your Pocophone F1. Also, let us know in case you spot your device is able to stream Netflix in HD.


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