Maria Sharapova and Her Guide to a Healthy Diet

Maria Sharapova and Her Guide to a Healthy Diet

Former world No.1 Maria Sharapova reveals what constitutes her daily diet as she tries to keeps fit and naturally radiant with a disciplined diet. The five-time Grand Slam champion shared her diet routine after waking up early and getting the most out of every day.

Fitness plays a huge part in a tennis player’s career and maintaining a healthy diet is a big part of their daily routine. Maria Sharapova also inevitably works hard to maintain her fitness.

However, a sportsperson cannot attain benefits of workouts unless one’s diet is in sync with one’s workouts. Maria Sharapova is also sentient about the impact diet has on her body and thus prefers consuming healthy and health-giving foods.

Speaking about her ‘on switch’ in an interview with Fast Company, Maria Sharapova said: “When I’m training, the most important on switch is a healthy breakfast. I make a green smoothie with romaine lettuce, avocado, spinach, mint, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I also buy chestnut bread from the local farmers market and eat it with blanched almond butter.”

Maria Sharapova

As expected, the Russian has a balanced and healthy diet but Candy seems to be her go-to cheat bite. The 32-year-old also turned her love of sweets into a business as she launched her own candy company, Sugarpova.

Talking about her vice, Sharapova said: “Candy, no question about it. I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, and it’s the reason I decided to start my own candy company, Sugarpova, seven years ago.”

Maria Sharapova

She further continued, “We just launched our new line of all-natural gummy candies and they’re so good! The strawberry cream flavor is probably my favorite.”

Maria Sharapova also revealed that dates are one of her favorite thing to eat when she is in the middle of work and need a quick bite. “Dates, Ella’s Kitchen baby food purées, and rice crackers.”

She also divulged that “Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings” is her favorite dish for a quick lunch and “ABCV or Uncle Boons”, in New York is her favorite place to eat.


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