I’ll Decide my Future on the Beach: Alonso

The driver line-up for 2019 is still unclear for many teams with only Lewis Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen and Vettel contracted to their respective teams. One of them yet to decide on his future is Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard has raced in F1 for seventeen years now, which makes him the most experienced on the grid currently, along with Raikkonen. But the downside is that he may yet decide to call it quits.

He has been bombarded with questions over his future and Alonso has decided to give them a timeline. “Probably in August, when I’m at the beach tanning, it will be time to think a little bit more”, was his reply.

“I didn’t have time to think in June or July to be honest. I had quite an intense month”, Alonso explained, referring to the sport’s first triple header, which has led to fatigue for most of the teams.

Alonso knows he cannot move to a top team

Regardless of what he decides to do, Alonso knows that he cannot secure a move to any of the top teams currently. Mercedes have confirmed Hamilton and Bottas as their line-up for 2019.

It is well-known that Ferrari are looking at Leclerc to replace Raikkonen while the other car will be driven by Vettel. Red Bull too have a similar situation with Verstappen confirmed as one of the drivers while Ricciardo is expected to put pen-to-paper on a deal soon.

Remaining with McLaren could be an option, though fans are still baffled as to why a two-time world champion is putting himself through the torture of driving a midfield car.

Even the likes of former teammate, Jenson Button have been perplexed as to what motivates Alonso to keep driving for a mediocre team. But the Spaniard is known to be a stubborn character.

His internal politics have been cited as a possible reason for top teams being unwilling to take him on. Whatever the case may be, the media and fans alike will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of August for his decision.

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