"I Can Take On Clix Right Now"- Ninja Takes A Dig

“I Can Take On Clix Right Now”- Ninja Takes A Dig

Fortnite battle royale pros and streamers are having an ambivalent time with their experience of Season 3. Most of the season had brilliant content delivered by Epic Games. However, the content creators and the pros have expressed specific problems with it too. Sometimes, it’s a war of words between a pro and a content creator. Usually, the community stands united when it is a problem with the game. Although, when it is between two individuals, sarcasm tips the popular opinion. Now consider two stalwarts of the game – Ninja and Clix. Two of the finest players their generation has ever seen. If one of them decides to diss the other, then that becomes a huge issue.

Recently, Ninja decided to stream on Twitch, for a while, playing Fortnite. In his stream, he went on to comment about Clix leaving the Ninja tournament. In Clix’s defense, the cash cup was happening at the same time. 

Ninja takes a jab at young genius

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDu0h9JBBvo]

When it comes to the new generation of Fortnite players, Clix is definitely on the top. He has several accomplishments under his belt, but his most valued talent is his tenacity. As for Ninja, he definitely needs no introduction. That man is synonymous with Fortnite. 

“I am acutally pretty confident that I can take on Clix right now,” said Ninja.

Well, that might be the match of the century. It doesn’t matter if he was joking or not, to see Ninja or Clix taking on one another would be epic. However, he did move on to express his discontent with a few other issues. The young pro left the Ninja Battle for playing in the cash cup. Ninja took a sarcastic dig at this move by Clix.

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Is this going to be the new Epic Rivalry?

Both these players are known for their pride and their skill. They have proven their worth over and over again. It seems that he is a little disappointed by Clix. Especially so if we see the way he said it; he was clearly making a point.

This newborn rivalry can boom up to be something really big. Perhaps the biggest generational rivalry the game has ever seen. For all we know, if two masters of the game – Ninja and Clix – collide, then the world would be watching. 

Source – The Fortnite Guy

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