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Honda Not Happy with Alonso’s Attitude

We know that Mclaren-Honda failed to perform in first half of the third season of the partnership. Everyone also knows that Alonso has openly blamed the Honda power unit for the same. So a comment from Honda on his attitude was long overdue. The most recent comments come from Honda F1 boss himself, Yusuke Hasegawa.

“Alonso always came to put pressure on me,” Hasegawa told Spain’s El Confidencial. “If the car was going badly, he had no qualms about telling me he was not happy. He’s a good person, he probably felt very ashamed of having to scold me but he had to do it. After all, he wanted everything to be all right, that’s why I’m so ashamed.”

Alonso has openly criticized the unreliable power unit

He clearly stated that although the comments bothered the team, they have to understand Alonso’s anger too.

Alonso criticised us because he was not satisfied, he had every right to do it,” he added.

“Obviously, there are people at Honda who were not happy with Alonso’s attitude. But for me it was not a problem. From a professional point of view, there have been many problems because he was never happy and it is very difficult to establish a good working relationship. The drivers, after all, are very emotional guys and you have to understand them when they behave like that.”

“If we had the best car, would not Alonso be happy? Yes, that’s why we can not complain.”

McLaren-Honda will split after 2017 season as Mclaren will partner with Renault. Honda on the other hand, looks forward to a successful transition to Toro Rosso. The team has claimed that the 2018 power unit will be stronger. Guess we just have to wait and see.

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