Do You Have Enough Attention to Survive?

Waiting isn’t an Option – EMK

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The only thing that’s going to protect your agency’s relevance is figuring out a way to handle all the business others can’t.

The industry isn’t going to check with you before something big happens, and depending on who you talk to it could be a lot sooner than you think.

There isn’t one skill or service that’s going to save the day, instead it’s an array of high level talents operating at the same time.

The sad truth is you might be one of the agent’s that think you’re going to make, but might not.

That is unless you start to treat the impending change with a little more respect and start taking actions to move with it.

That’s what I talk about with Jeff Roy as he does his best to create and calm your panic attack all at the same time.

P.S. EMK University is a great place to how to protect you relevance.