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Is Your Agency Customer Experience Worth More than a Starbucks Latte? an Interview with Kelly Donahue-Piro – ANR59

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Have you invested in your agency customer experience?

In this episode of EMK Radio, we’re joined by Kelly Donahue-Piro, owner of Agency Performance Partners and speaker at Elevate 2021, for an inside look at the “Why” of agency customer experience.

kelly donahue-piroKelly is an effectiveness expert who has helped hundreds of insurance agencies identify and capitalize on sustainable improvement opportunities. Her specialties include agency culture assessment and change; management and supervisory coaching and benchmarking; customer retention strategy development; digital marketing strategy, planning and implementation; and sales planning, management and skill-building.

Basically, she helps you build a winning agency customer experience.

Make sure you’re paying attention when Kelly describes her philosophy on “Price Selling.”

She explains her philosophy using an example from one of her agency clients. The agency client was complaining about how price sensitive personal lines insurance consumers are these days.

Kelly’s response:

“If you can’t sell a client on why you’re services are $200 a year then GEICO, the cost of one Starbucks Latte a week, then you shouldn’t be in the insurance business.”

Price is always important, but we have to sell value. That value comes from our agency customer experience.

Here’s another great quote from Kelly during our chat:

“Agencies must be efficient and effective. We can’t win without both.”

And there are many more fantastic insights, but you’re going to have to listen to get those…

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