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How One Independent Agent is Using Uber to Drive New Business – ANR35

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Sharon Robles, owner of the Sharon Robles Agency in Chicago, is an Uber driver.

Talk about fully embracing the sharing economy.

Below is an email Sharon sent me three weeks ago:

“Why not make money while you meet people? I signed up for UBER and made $170 in 3 days and handed out dozens of business cards, and other branded promotional items.  (I’m not being pushy, but my stuff is available for the taking).

I’m driving in my off hours as a way to meet new clients. So far, having an amazing time!  I’m trying to limit my driving to 2 hours/day preferably before 9am and or after 5pm. I can even schedule pick ups on my way to and from work. What a concept! 

You never know where your next customer will come from, maybe right next door.”


“You never know where your next customer will come from, maybe right next door” ~ Sharon Robles

Let that sink in for a minute…

Where did Sharon get the idea to drive Uber as a prospecting strategy?

She explains in this follow email a week later:

“About 8 years ago, I was doing a side business as a notary for title companies notarizing signatures for closings. (Mobile notary). I got a ton of business from that. With the crash, those dried up and title companies started paying too little to make it worth the time. This is totally on MY schedule so it’s better.”

Sharon is using side jobs as a way to get herself in front of potential customers. She did it as a notary, then the housing market crashed.

Now she’s leveraging technology and mobile world we live in to her advantage.

So is Sharon getting business from her Uber driving?

sharon robles uber driver

Sharon Robles is a fantastic example of an independent insurance agent adapting to the modern marketplace to drive new business.

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