death to the phone tree

Death to the Phone Tree: Why Human Beings Need to Start Answering the Phone – ANR27

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It’s hard blazing a trail in the insurance industry.

At EMK, our content – everything from the blog to this podcast – is a labor of love. We pride ourselves on the quality of our message and the coherency of our story, and we take the content we post very, very seriously.

Death to the Phone Tree

Take our latest blog post “Why Your Voicemail Tree is Telling Clients, ‘We Don’t Care’,” as an example. Something as archaic as a phone tree has been a staple of the insurance agency for decades.

But today’s customers don’t have the patience for voicemail.

In a digital age of immediate response and gratification, all your phone tree tells insurance buyers is that you’re too busy to help them.

Your phone tree or automated answering system is forcing your clients to search long and hard for someone to help them when it should actually be the other way around.

You – the modern insurance agent – needs to be working long and hard to insure that you’re available for your customer.

When they call, you need to answer the phone.

“You have to have a human being answering the phone.” Ryan Hanley

This one-on-one interaction is key to the success and evolution of the insurance industry.

We need to evolve together in order to create the right kind of customer experience. There are modern ways to improve your customer experience.

Whether you do that through digital marketing, social media updates, or simply have a working receptionist that answers all phone calls, you need to make it clear that you are always available.

This availability creates a trustworthy experience between yourself and your client, insuring that you are reliable, knowledgeable, and always ready and willing to answer questions and give information at a client’s call.

Write Better Headlines

If you’re looking for a way to up the ante of your digital marketing campaign and reach these customers, we discuss one of our favorite online tools that has definitely helped us transform our marketing.

The Headline Analyzer breaks down your email and blog titles to help you find the winning one that guarantees the most opens. Tune in now to hear the numbers and how we’ve used it to revamp our blog and get in touch with our clients.

Podcast Topics

  • What’s with this funk Marty’s been in?
  • Transforming the negative stereotypes plaguing the insurance industry
  • Why negativity is bad for blogging and for business
  • How to evolve away from phone trees and into more modern marketing techniques
  • How to use a Headline Analyzer to amp up your blogs and emails

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Ryan Hanley

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