For Pathfinders the Light Has Come On.

Calling All Insurance Pathfinders to EMK

Pathfinder – a person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or way.

Welcome to EMK, the independent insurance industry’s premier resource for those who seek to dominate their marketplace through sales, marketing and automation excellence.

The 2014 insurance consumer is a completely different animal than that of the ’70’s, ’80’s, ’90’s, and even the early 2000’s. We know this. We see it in our business everyday.

Even if sales aren’t down, the workflow is different. Leads come in from strange new channels (i.e. Google, Facebook,, etc). It feels like we have to scrape and scratch and scramble for every new account.

We have to work harder to initially gain the trust of insurance consumers. This wasn’t the case 20 years ago. Independent agents were the go-to resource for all insurance needs.

Personal or commercial, the line of business doesn’t matter. Insurance consumers are more informed, more opinionated and more connected than ever before. These consumers are changing the way independent insurance agents, carriers and wholesalers grow their business.

Some of us have fought these changes…

…but some have not.

These are the Pathfinders.

For Pathfinders the Light Has Come On.


But let’s first back up a bit and talk about EMK, the site you’re currently on. We are’s new agent-facing brand, aiming to be the premier resource for independent insurance agents, carriers and wholesalers seeking excellence in sales, marketing and automation.

EMK is less a website, and more a belief.

In earnest, a rather simple belief:

That insurance consumers need guidance, and there is no better delivery system than the independent insurance agent to provide this most valuable service.

It is in service to this belief that EMK was born.

Do you believe?

This is the belief at the core of my work at The Murray Group and my podcast, Content Warfare, and why after more than seven years of selling and marketing insurance for a family-owned independent insurance agency, I decided to join the team.

I believe in the independent agent.

I know you do too.

Though some outside our industry would prognosticate a diminished future, we must refuse to accept that our fate is tied to the marketing budgets of direct writers and captives. We must refocus and realign our sales, marketing and automation efforts to attract the attention of the Connected Generation consumer.

This is the mission of EMK: to provide a gathering place and community resource for the independent insurance industry to help each other succeed.

Will you call yourself a Pathfinder and come along on this journey?

I hope so…

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan Hanley
Digital Marketing Lead –