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How do you hold your newsletter members?

91% of users who use the internet and have at least 1 email account check their emails at least once a day.

So, do your mailing campaigns attract attention or are your members looking?

1- Send an e-bulletin by segmenting your members’ interests

Problem: Do you know that most users who encounter a stack of emails delete half of them without reading at all? 49% of users leave frequent posts or newsletters that they think are boring over time. 25% say the incoming content is not at all relevant to him.

Good news: Segment property. Thanks to the segmentation of the members, you can reduce that 25% significantly after separating your users correctly.

Solution: Create a content calendar. After arranging and planning your content and projects according to the frequency of your post, you send it to the members you segment and receive more feedback and you will not bore your members. Thanks to the planning, you follow the reports and the data that the shipment is made, so that you do not put the same mail to the same data many times.

2- Prepare Personalized Newsletter Campaigns

Problem: Each individual is just one point in the thousands of mailing lists and they are aware of this.

Good news: We have dynamic areas.

Solution: By using dynamic fields, you can create the feeling that your mail is sent directly to your customers by setting the name, surname, birthday and email address to be displayed on the mail.

3- Try to be Fun

Problem: Although sales and marketing is a great event for you, most people do not welcome him to always try to market something to him. Therefore, it deletes the incoming e-mail without reading.

Good news: Except for corporate companies, most customers want to have fun in the mail. Taking a break from the boringness of other mails is for everyone.

Solution: You can add some interesting, interactive content to your posts. There are many options for this. You can add a poll or contest.
You can request photos or content about the content you send from your customers. You can list interesting facts or statistics. And most importantly, you can use a persuasive and fun “short” subject line for your subscribers to open your mail.

4- Take Care of Less and Less Expression

Problem: Even if it is important when the majority of customers encounter long emails, they want to shake a punch into the abdominal cavity of the mail.

Good news: When creating your posts, do not think of them as a big burden or a waste of time. Because all you have to do is keep them simple.

Solution: Pay more attention to visuality and topics. Images, simple titles and a couple of sentences will be enough to attract the attention of the customer.

5- Appeal to the Eye

Problem: Email created with a flat template is found suspicious and boring by the customer.

Good news: Our system has an infrastructure where you can easily design your templates. Moreover, it is mobile compatible with its responsive structure.

Solution: Use more visually appealing templates and organize your content accordingly.

Use colored headings or tables. Care about font fonts. If there is something to sort out, put small dots next to them or give them numbers.
In this way, your customers will decide that they should read the mail in 5 seconds. See your e-mail on your mobile phone and remember your members. Take care that your designs are mobile compatible.

6- Streamline Your Shipments

Problem: If you do not send to your subscribers for a long time, you will be alienated to them and you will be marked as spam in your outgoing mail months after you get permission. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that 54% of subscribers have stated the reason as sending mail very frequently.

Good news: You can see the last date and time you posted in our reporting tab, you can schedule your shipment after determining your other date.

Solution: Ask your customers how often they want to receive a newsletter. You can determine who and how often you should send mail by segmenting your list according to the responses. If you do not want to deal with segmentation, you should remind yourself by making at least 1 post a week.