Learn English with Voscreen Videos - How It Works?

Learn English with Voscreen Videos – How It Works?

What is Voscreen?

Voscreen is an app that helps you improve your foreign language with short videos. It is free, useful, and gives fun education by giving sections from movies. You need to login to take full advantage of the application. You can log in by e-mail or Facebook.

About Voscreen

Wharton Business School (USA) – Reimagine Education 2016,
Best Education Practice Third Prize

Voscreen is a free English learning and development platform.

Learn English by watching movies, music videos, documentaries or cartoons.

Voscreen makes you learn English by making short videos easy and fun.

It speeds up your foreign language learning process.

It increases your motivation while learning a foreign language and provides a natural learning process.

From the voStep menu, you can choose a category suitable for your level – beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper, advanced.

You can practice videos of your desired grammar structure in the voStructure menu.

Thanks to the voice dialogues, you can easily learn the pronunciation of English words naturally.

You can have fun while learning quickly with video questions from all areas of life.

Your English vocabulary improves with every use.

It improves your listening, speed reading and speed reading comprehension.

By doing the video language English – English, you will improve your indirect expression and restatement skills.

Learning English requires practice. With Voscreen, you can easily improve your English level by creating a good foreign language infrastructure.

By practicing, you can easily learn the synonyms of the English words.

Voscreen is suitable for all levels and ages. You can choose the appropriate sections from the application menu.

We recommend that you play for at least 20 minutes every day for continuous improvement.

Join the millions of people who improve their English with Voscreen by downloading the app.

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