Fast Data Sharing with Toshiba Transferjet

Fast Data Sharing with Toshiba Transferjet

High data transfer between the two devices has always been long and has been a problem. We can eliminate this problem with the Toshiba Transferjet.

Toshiba TransferJet is a new wireless proximity technology that combines extremely easy operation with secure connectivity up to 560Mbps and high-speed transfer. It can be used on smartphones, laptops and cameras.


TransferJet physical layer transmission rate 560Mbps, the maximum data volume is 375Mbps. Since smartphones usually have USB 2.0, it provides a maximum of 150Mbps data transfer. Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) has the highest throughput of 54 Mbps.

transjet transfer rate

The picture above shows the picture transfer in 5 seconds between transferjet and other transfer technologies.

How does Transferjet Work?

To use TransferJet technology, simply install the mobile app and pair the devices. Device pairing is done automatically in just 0.1 seconds.

transferjet data transfer

The above picture shows data transfer speeds with the Toshiba Transjet.

Transjet Android application

Transjet iOS application

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