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Why Email Verification is required?

You have decided to do email marketing for your brand. So far, you have email lists that you have collected on many channels. However, you do not know how much of these email addresses are active and valid. So what should you do?

Even if 30% of your email list consists of invalid addresses, in a newly started email marketing action, your brand’s rate of dropping into inbox in email marketing campaigns will be very low. Even it will be difficult to reach the junk box instead of falling into the inbox. This is because there are too many invalid addresses in the data you sent and these addresses will be blocked by ISPs. In order to increase your inbox rates, these invalid addresses on your list should be cleared, and only email campaigns should be carried out on your current and active data. After these procedures, the rate of falling into inbox will increase depending on how many of these lines you have fulfilled. The mentioned process will require 6 months under the best conditions.

Since you can carry out campaigns by quickly cleaning invalid addresses with e-mail verification, the rate of falling into inbox will be high from the time you start. As a result of your email campaigns, you will increase your drop rate in inbox in a short time between 2 and 3 months instead of 6 months, by providing hardbounce and softbounce separation and clearing your list.

One of the important and important issues here is the proficiency level of the email marketing company you have worked with. Even if a large part of your email list is clean, HTML coding, which does not have sufficient technical infrastructure, has not provided DNS configuration, IP reputation is insufficient, and has been sent via an email marketing company with a low Sender Score, and will have a direct and negative impact on your inbox drop rates.

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