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The first e-mail was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to the computer right next to his computer. Email, more commonly known as Email Marketing It was gifted to the world, aware of or beyond the creation of a historical convenience and communication network. It quickly became an indispensable and the most important communication medium in every field where there is internet.

How to Convert Your Members to Customers on Your List with Email Marketing?

It continued to be indisputable in the field of communication for years. Nowadays, it is used as a marketing tool in addition to email communication opportunities and becomes stronger without losing its effect.

If we ask what is email marketing, it is the marketing method that enables the brand to reach its members by email with its corporate and visual identity. Being active in this area has an important role in measuring and achieving the targeted success on behalf of brands.

Even if the rising network of the era seems to be shadowed by social media, email marketing, it should not be forgotten that at least 2 hours of the day is still at the beginning of email. In a coordinated and supportive work with social media, email marketing will be one of the strong partners of this common setup.

You can use your bulk email activities with the right techniques and strategies and report the measured results with our Message34 system, which is designed as a developable structure to meet your email marketing needs and brand targets.


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