Email Marketing and Social Media Logic Marriage

Email Marketing and Social Media Logic Marriage

Email Marketing and Social Media Logic Marriage

As it is understood from the name of email marketing, it has a structure that covers all kinds of information and promotion areas to be made over email. Email, which has been one of the most important channels of communication since the first minute it was sent, has an important share in corporate advertising besides individual communication. Assuming that we spend at least 2 hours of the day at the beginning of the email, it turns out how big this share is.

Although it seems that some of the social media areas with today’s rising communication channels have pushed email marketing to the background, the opposite is actually the opposite. You can observe this from the frequency of information sent to your mail from social media channels. When email marketing and social media are acted together, they can be used as a single, much stronger channel.

The two most important areas of digital marketing, email marketing and social media are now walking together. The roof that brands use most when creating their awareness campaigns is the one created by combining these two areas. Campaign fictions, brand reputation, digital identity and the language used cannot act independently.

Message34 provides you with new and optional channels to create these edits. Instead of seeing your posts by a single person, you can increase the number of your posts reached by observing them in the social media areas around your target audience and observe this with their reports.

An email marketing, supported by social media, is one of the most valuable posts of today. If your brand is campaigning on social media, the results will be much healthier.

Message34 serves you with its structure suitable for freedom of movement and fiction, and is one of the firsts in this respect.


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