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With the introduction of the concept of Web 2.0 into our lives, design changes in e-mail marketing began to stand out. Now, the aims of the brands are to produce simple and eye-catching designs.

The transformations and changes that Web 2.0 adds to our lives showed us that concepts that do not need change, such as design, are actually open to change.

A / B Test

A / B test (A / B Testing) Although the concept is not used in our country, it is a popular concept worldwide.

A / B test In short, it is called comparing 2 different designs ready to use by testing. In this design; subject line, content, sites, landing page, submit, membership page, sales page Concepts such as.

What is the Purpose of the A / B Test?

With A / B test without trying to change the design you are already using, you can try a different design, You can observe. If users try new design and / or subject line If he likes more or shows more interest than before, you will start using it immediately. But if you post new design does not like you will have the chance to review the change once again. This way possible the smallest effect you can even follow.

How To

To perform the A / B test first of all, since you’re already using a different design you need to find. Once you find the design, you limited number of usersyou will redirect to your new design. Those who mailing as a design, usually subject line prefers to test. The purpose here is to pass the user group you set, instead of switching all of the users to the new design all at once. is to see the reactions.

If you also post developIf you want to try new things on them; “A / B testYou can apply the strategy.


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