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How To Get More Clicks For Your Emails?

It is really difficult to prepare a nice email worth sending to your members. We know this very well. You have prepared your e-mail and sent it to your members. When you look at it 24 hours later, you can see that your email has been opened by your members but your links have not been clicked. Well this is “link clicksHow will you receive from your members?

Sometimes even a good campaign may not affect your members. To fix this issue, be sure to make email marketing moves right. In this article, we will tell you how to make the moves we mentioned.

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4. Limited Resources

One of the only things we learned from this life is is how the famine that will occur will drive people crazy.

In your campaigns, it will be a little more difficult to say that your sales will be limited. You can start campaigning from products that you will not sell again. Also, if you want to empty your tank completely, this is a good opportunity. By including several products in one email, and limited number of sales You can get one step closer to success.

If all of these do not match the characteristics of your brand; By creating a new and beautiful campaign, you can say that this campaign is for a limited time. New ones will come after this campaign. None of them will have such a big impact.

There is an issue we need to address: “for a limited time“Or”limited stockDo not use your trump card constantly. This will cause a decrease rather than an increase in sales. Also, if the stock status isn’t really limited, you shouldn’t lie to your customers. Such a thing would not be nice.

3. Authority

Email users who do not sell anything; We assume that the members follow you because you are an expert on a subject.

First of all, you should do more than just send your blogs to your members. This; webinar, infographics, little education and e-books doing things like your newsletter You must add. We are sure that the interaction with your members will increase.

With these extra content you will make, it will be very easy to understand what users are interested in and what things they want.

2. Sharing

While your ultimate goal is to get your members to navigate your website, expanding the ways you do this can help. Pushing your members to share There are several ways to. The first of these; You only need to add a link that will allow new users to easily subscribe to your newsletters in your e-mails forward.

While email is the best marketing way of all time, social media it’s not a bad idea. It will be in your interest to add links that will allow you to easily share the contents of your emails on social media.

1. Proximity

It’s obvious that people don’t like talking to robots. This also applies to emails. No one is satisfied with the presence of a robot. That is why you should be more sincere and personal in your emails.

As you write your emails, be sure to look at yourself from the perspective of your members. You already have all the necessary information of your members. Use this for your own advantage and prepare friendly emails for them.

Sincerity is always very important.

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