Amazon Kindle New Touch E-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle New Touch E-Book Reader

You can say that we can see what we need with Amazon Kindle New Touch electronic book reader, tablet, phone, computer, etc. If we think that you read a book for 1 hour every day, the reader will charge about 3 weeks. Since it is not bright on the screen, it does not bother our eyes. Since you use it only for reading books, you do not get distracted because there are no messages from social networks like other devices. Kindle’s language is not available. You can download books from the internet with Wi-Fi feature.

How to Assign a Book to an E-Book Reader

We connect our book reader to the computer via USB cable. On my computer, a folder named kindle opens. In the folder we throw the books in PDF and DOC format that we find from the internet. We disconnect the USB cable. Books will appear in kindle. If you click on the All Items text, you can separate books in different format from books and docs. You can buy books from the kindle store as Kindle can access the internet via wi-fi connection, but most books are in English.

Kindle New Touch Other Features

With Kindle, you can browse the internet, enter social networks, but it is not very productive. You can upload books to cloud memory. 4GB has its own memory. There is a possibility to quickly navigate between pages, you can translate foreign words into Turkish, you can mark the pages you want. Airplane mode is also available. Lightweight and useful device.

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